Liquid City

Date and time
Monday 3rd March 2008
6 for 6.15 pm


Liquid City

Matthew Gandy (UCL Urban Laboratory)

Liquid city (30 minutes; English, Hindi and Marathi with English subtitles)

The tortuous flow of water through Mumbai presents one of the most striking indicators of persistent social inequalities within the globalizing metropolis.  The documentary film Liquid City explores the complexity of water politics in Mumbai ranging from the engineering challenge of transferring nearly 3,000 million litres of water a day to the city from the jungles, lakes and mountains of the state of Maharashtra to debates over flooding, privatization and social conflict.  The film is based on a unique collaboration between academics and film makers based in London and Mumbai and combines in-depth interviews with activists, engineers, local residents and other voices to paint a unique picture of this vibrant and fast changing city.

       Director/Producer       Matthew Gandy
       Assistant director        Savitri Medhatul
       Camera                     Krystallia Kamvasinou
       Editors                       Savitri Medhatul
                                        Krystallia Kamvasinou

       Production coordinator Andrew Harris
       Sound designer          Amala Popuri
       Research                   Andrew Harris

The film was developed in collaboration with PUKAR and was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.