What is the Urban Salon?

The Urban Salon is a London based seminar series aimed at scholars, artists, practitioners and others who are exploring urban experiences within an international and comparative frame.

The seminars are informal and open, with relatively short presentations supporting circulated or visual material and plenty of time for discussion. We want to allow the diversity of urban experiences in different contexts to inform thinking about cities; we hope that narratives taken-for-granted in one context will disturb and be disrupted by experiences in other places. Or that accounts of the circulations of people and practices will expose commonalities across apparently quite divergent contexts.

All the while, we want to decentre the dominance of European and North American urban experiences in understanding urbanity, while keeping them in sight, but coming to them through a wider world of cities and urban experience.

We welcome suggestions for future events. Please contact one of the organizers.

You can also follow us on Twitter: @theurbansalon