Book launch: Urban Revolution Now

Date and time
Thursday 24 February 2015
6.30-8.30 pm (GMT)

Room 108 and G07, Pearson Building, University College London, WC1E 6BT (

Book launch: Urban Revolution Now

To celebrate the new book, Urban Revolution Now: Henri Lefebvre in Urban Research and Architecture (Edited by Łukasz Stanek, Christian Schmid, and Ákos Moravánszky):

A panel debate on the possibilities and challenges of applying Lefebvre’s theory in international urban research and practice.

Lefebvre’s concepts and theoretical reflections have become widely known in the last decades. However, working with these concepts in many different contexts poses serious challenges; and in any case taking Lefebvre as a starting point for research and action is an endeavor and an adventure, an expedition into unknown fields. How can we make use of and move beyond Lefebvre’s insights today? Can we apply his concepts fruitfully in research and action in urban situations across the globe? On the occasion of the book launch of Urban Revolution Now: Henri Lefebvre in Urban Research and Architecture we will have an opportunity to debate these questions with two of the editors, and three London urban scholars.


Christian Schmid (ETH Zurich)

Łukasz Stanek (Manchester)

Camillo Boano (UCL)

David Madden (LSE)

Louis Moreno (UCL and Goldsmiths)



Jenny Robinson (UCL)

Please join us for celebratory drinks from 6.30pm in UCL’s Pearson Building, Room 108 (MacII), and a panel debate from 7pm in the Exhibition Room, G07, Pearson Building.